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Wangu Temple

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Pines are prosperous and flowers are beautiful in Wangu Temple. People appreciate the beautiful sceneries here very much. Wangu Temple was built between Yuan Dynasty and Wei Dynasty according to the stone stele in Wangu Temple, but according to the Yongji County Annals, Wangu Temple was built in the 18th of Dazhong in Tang Dynasty. Wangu Temple had been rebuilt twice, one was in Song Dynasty and the other one was after an earthquake in 34th of Jiajing in Ming Dynasty (the year of 1555). Wangu Temple is in Zhongtiao Mountain and the path goes to the top. There is a brick stele which says第一禅林 (the first well-known temple ) on the mountain gate. The magnificent Daxiong Hall is located in the center of temple, the walls are still remaining but Buddha Sculpture had gone. Step on the path, you can see a Yaoshi Cavern in the middle and monks dormitories on the left and right.

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How to Get There?
No bus goes to Wangu Temple at present, but visitors can go there by tricycle from Pujiu Temple.

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1.Wangu Temple is cave-house style so there are loess mountains around it. The best season to travel there is not spring or winter because of the heavy wind and sand. From May 1st to late October can be good choice. 2.Recommended time for travailing:One hour

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