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Wulao Peaks

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The Wulao Peaks area is centered as Wulao Peaks and the ancient city of Puzhou, the banks of Yellow River, Wangguanyu, Longtou Mountain, Yunxian Attic are also included. In this area, Yuepingliang is with the highest altitude of 2100 meters. The whole area of Wulao Peaks area is 300 square kilometers. There are many beautiful scenic spots, such as continuous mountains, strange stones, high cliffs, precious plants and animals, clean springs and so on. People like traveling here very much.

The main peak in Wulao Peaks is Yuzhu Peak. This peak is just like caved and it points to the sky, so it is also named as Yunfeng Peak. There is a flat place on the top of Yuzhu Peak, and on this flat place, seven attractions are located, they are Nantianmen Gate, Lingguan Temple, Bodhisattva Hall, Xiushi Palace, Qianzi Tang, Zushi Temple and so on. The beautiful scenic spots in Wulao Peaks are so attractive and its glamour is permanent.

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How to Get There?
Special buses to Wulao Peaks are available in front of Yudu Market of Yuncheng city, the price is 11 yuan. Besides, visitors can take the long distance buses to Yongji and get off at the roads cross of Yuxiang Town, then take a tricycle to Wulao Peaks.

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1.The best time to travel in Wulao Peaks is from the 1st to 15th of July. At that time, Temple Fair will be hold and there will be many visitors gathered. 2.Recommended time for travailing:A whole day

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