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Yongle Palace

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Yongle Palace is a memorial for Lv Dongbin. He was one of the eight immortals of Chinese legends and very famous in Taoist tales. Yongle Palace covers an area of 80,000 square meters. Its main buildings include the Palace Gate, the Longhu Hall, the Sanqing Hall and the Chongyang. In these palaces, beautiful and magnificent frescos are decorated. Sanqing Hall is the center room of Yongle Palace. Yuan Dynasty frescos are uniquely displayed throughout the four halls. The largest one can be viewed in Sanqing Hall; it is 9 meters long and more than 4 meters wide. This fresco tells a Taoist tale about fairies. It is honored as a treasure of the artists of the Yuan Dynasty.

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How to Get There?
From the bus station in Yuncheng travelers can take a motorbike for 2 yuan or a taxi for 3 yuan . It takes 10 minutes from the bus station to the Yongle Palace.

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Opening Hours:
08:30- 17:00

More Tips:

In order to protect the frescos, there is no light in the palace, so please take a flashlight when you travel in Yongle Palace in case of raining. 

Recommended time for travelling: About 2 hours.

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