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Wen Tower

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The Wen Tower is a pavilion style scenic tower. It is built in the 39th year of Wanli Period in the Ming Dynasty (1611). It has a history of 380 years. It was renovated in 1988. It is a key historic site and cultural relics under protection in Guangdong Province.   

The Wen Tower is in the shape of octagon. It has a height of 47 meters. Seen from the outside it has seven stories while it is composed of seven stories inside. On the top layer, there are six engraved iron poles with lotus bases standing erect. Pointing to the blue sky, they are steady, powerful, solemn and magnificent with majestic vigor. They are also cast with inscriptions about the establishment of the tower in the Ming Dynasty. Together with castings such as Nine Heavens Plate, treasure bead, wheel (ornaments on the top of the tower), they have a total weight of more than 14,000 jin (half a kilogram) (7 tons), which is the heaviest of ancient tower tops in Guangdong.

Each layer of the tower is composed of two levels of light and shade. The bright one serves as ventilation stack and the dark one is used for boarding and descending the tower. You will turn to another direction whenever you ascend two stone steps. It turns to left or right like playing high and seek, which is overflowing with sentiments. Leaning on the railing and overlooking, you will keep tens of li’s sceneries in view.

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You may charter a bus at the county to get to the scenic spot.

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