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Longbaotan Nature Reserve

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Longbaotan Nature Reserve has steep and erect mountains standing on both sides and extends like parallel lines leaving a 10 kilometers long and 3 kilometers wide ravine area with the traces of lakes on its surface and piles of paddles, which is actually a swamp featuring the type of alpine meadow. The climate above the altitude of 4000 chi (a unit of length, 3chi = 1meter) is very cold and even in May and July some of the rainfalls will freeze into snow. Sometimes the weather is fine but suddenly it will rain hails and snows within a minute, and is difficult for people to adjust to. However, this unique and strange geography environment is the home for some rear Tibetan birds and animals and also a producing area for some precious herbs. It is reputed as “the home of the black-neck crane” by the birds experts and more than ten kinds of birds are living here such as bar-headed goose, brown-headed gull, Yan’ou(a kind of gull), Chima Duck (a kind of wild duck), goosander and tetraogallus. And it is set as the Nature Reserve of Black-neck Crane.

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Take a car from Tiegu Town and drive along the road to the northeast and about 60 kilometers’ drive to the Jielong Country in Yushu County. Start at the Zanie Town to the southeast and soon you will drive into the Longbaotan Nature Reserve which is all together 70 kilometers away from the Yushu county. Rent a jeep Beijing 2020 to have a round trip will cost you 300 Yuan.

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