Princess Wencheng Temple

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Princess Wencheng Temple which is called “Nabalinangzelekang” in Tibetan language is under the charge of Changu Temple and Zhuomabangza Temple and belongs to the Zhigonggeju School of Tibetan Buddhism. It located in the north and faces the south while its back is the precipitous and dangerous cliff and is next to the clean and clear cool creek. Facing the Batang Mountain which has green brush, luxuriate grass, fragrant flowers and singing birds there are only one pass between them with a serpentine valley and gravels everywhere. Bainagou has quiet and peaceful environment, picturesque scenery and warm, agreeable climate, therefore, the local people tread here as the rear “blessing place” in Yushu plateau and also call it “Dari Tathagata Hall”. Across the creek and going along the cliff by the cableway and Stepping into the gate of the temple which is inlayed by rocks, you will enter into a small yard with white wall and pebble-covered ground. Beside the temple gate there are a stele with medium shape which records briefly the reason and the approximate time for building this temple in Tibetan language. It reads “In order to bless all the people here, and wish Cidiezuzan and his son happy and safe, and Buddhism had prosperous development in this area, we caved the figure of Buddha on the cliff in accordance to the expression and the figure of the middle-aged Buddha and thus built this temple”.

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Take No.2 public bus at Jiegu Town to get there or drive your own car or rent

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