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Yushu Travel Guide

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Yushu Overview

Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province is located in the headstream area of the three rivers in the hinterland of Tibetan Plateau, southeast of Qinghai Province. Yushu is one of the important parts of Tibetan Plateau and forms a natural region by itself in the hinterland of Tibetan Plateau. The snowy peaks and glaciers in Geladandong Peak in the Tanggula mountain   supplies source water for some famous rivers in China, such as the Yangtse River, Yellow River and Lanchang River. This magic plateau preserves the original features of the ecological environment and the thick primeval forest covers the hills and valleys in the southeast part of Yushu area. The green grass decorates the wildness and the plains in the northeast part, while the scenery presenting before you is the tents embellishing in the blue mountains and green lands with the cattle and sheep eating everywhere and melodious pastoral songs floating in the air.

On this well-protected highland lives many rare plateau animals and birds, for example some world level precious wild animals like wild yaks which only exists in the Tibetan Plateau, Tibetan antelopes and White-lips deer who are roaming in the vast land of Kekexili State Natural Reserve. While the rare black-neck Cranes are singing towards the sky, dancing and breeding their offspring around the grass-covered Longbao Lake. The charming golden time in Yushu is in midsummer and it is also a best season for sightseeing. The elegant dance in Yushu, the magnificent costume, the colorfulness of the tent city and the splendor scene of the horse racing here all can be renowned as the unique local national cultural flavor which has the reputation both within and outside the country and it also shows the enchanting demeanor and the special charming of Yushu.

The culture relics in the early period of Tang Dynasty and Tubo period-the Hall of the Gautma Buddha of thousand years old (also called Princess Wenchen Temple), the grand Mani stones piles in Xinzai village, the picturesque Stone-caving in Balai ravine and the varied and colorful Tibetan Buddhist culture are all the tourist resorts for the tourists with different purposes to appreciate, get to know and study the worship system here.

Administrative District Planning: Under the administration of Yushu Prefecture there are all together six counties namely: Yushu County, Zaduo County, Chengduo County, Zhiduo County, Nangqian County and Qumalai County. The People’s government of Yushu Prefecture is in Jieji Town Yushu County which is 800 kilometers away from Xining City, the capital of Qinghai Province.

Population: 280,000 people

Area Code: 0976

Post Code: 815000

Area: 260 thousand square kilometers