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Maotian Mountain

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The whole buried zone of fossils in Maotian Mountain winds like snake up to 20 kilometers long, 4.5 meters wide and the depth is more than 50m. The designated protective area is 18 square kilometers, 1.2 square kilometers of which are the core area. Up to now, more than 30 fossil spots have been discovered, and 30 thousand pieces of fossils have been collected. Scientists draw the conclusion that these fossils belong to 40 categories and over 100 kinds, covering all the categories in modern biological classification. Besides, some of them are once existed and become extinct now, which can only be named after the places where they are unearthed, such as Fuxian Lake Insect, Mount Maotian Insect, Yunnan Insect, Kuama Insect, and so on. Recently, a gratifying news reports the discovery of the world’s oldest vertebrate, namely Haikou Fish, in Dianchi Lake Haikou in the boundary of Yuxi and Kunming. The structure and function are even more complex than the Yunnan Insect. This fossil has the largest numbers of categories, the best preserved condition, the most beautiful appearance, the finest quality in all animal fossils discovered in the world so far. So it is a rare and precious treasure in all animal fossils. Recent scientific research has proved that it is the earliest ancestor in the evolution chain, which evolves as fish-amphibian-reptile-mammal-human being.

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Take air conditioning bus from Yuxi West Station to Chengjiang County seat. There is one bus every half hour. The ticket cost 16.5 yuan.

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