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Mopan Mountain National Forest Park

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General Information

The Mopan Mountain National Forest Park is one of the best tourist attractions of Yuxi, a district in the beautiful Yunnan province. This 7200-hectare reserve is located 20 kilometers southeast of XinPing Yi and Dai Minorities Autonomous County. It was in 1989 when it was transformed into a forest park by the National Forestry Department.

In the summertime, the clouds adoring the Mopan Mountain resemble jade belts. In the wintertime, the snow-capped mountains look majestic with their resemblance to the Swiss Alps.

Mopan Mountain

The National Forest Park’s crowning glory is the Mopan Mountain, with peaks ranging from 1,260 meters to more than 2,600 meters. The annual temperature ranges from 14 to 16 degrees Celsius, while the precipitation averages 1000 to 1100 millimeters a year.

The mountain’s name was derived from a traditional Chinese grinding mill also known as a Mopan. The mountain has a total of 12 peaks with 11 brooks in between. There are said to be more than 50 attractions in the Mopan Mountain National Forest Park.

The beautiful flora

The Mopan Mountain National Forest Park is widely known for its beautiful flora and fauna. In fact, 86% of the area is known to be filled with exotic plants and colorful wildlife. There are greeneries protected by the government under the class 1, 2 and 3 specifications, while about 20 species are safeguarded under class 1 and 2. There are 98 families, 137 genera and 324 species of rare plants thriving in the Mopan Mountains.

Here, environmental enthusiasts will enjoy a sea of rhododendron, camellia bushes, primrose, gentian and Yanyangleigu flowers. They will also witness rare plants such as the Phoebe zhennan, tree fern and wild tea trees.

Because the vegetation distributes vertically as it gets higher, the Mopan Mountain National Forest Park provides a wide variety of plantation that makes it conducive for scientific and educational research.


Rare animals can also be sighted at the Mopan Mountain National Forest Park. They are the wild cat, Lady Amherst’s pheasant, silver pheasant, giant squirrel, goral, musk deer, Chinese pangolin, green peacock, python, leopard and Loris, among many others. The wide range of animals living in the area are said to be the effect of the forest’s latifoliate and sub-primeval qualities.

With these species, the Mopan Mountain National Forest Park is a great place for animal lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Nature’s Beauty

Nature aficionados will have a blast trekking the Yew Forest, Rhododendron Forest, Zhongqing Cliff, Middle Yunnan Meadow, Echo Land, Forest Lake, Dijun Mountain and the Footprint of King Hebaizu, to name a few.

The different seasons give the Mopan Mountain National Forest Park its distinctive looks and hues. During springtime, the blooming flowers create what is known as a “flower sea.” In autumn, the blue, yellow and red flowers and plants create a relaxing view. The fogs and mists of winter, on the other hand, make for a spectacle you won’t forget.

Folk Traditions

Another thing that makes the Mopan Mountain National Forest Park endearing to visitors is its local customs and folk traditions.

One is the flower feast of Yi Nationality, also known as the flower-drum dance. This is celebrated annually by the locals to honor happiness. Another is the Flower Admiring Festival, which celebrates the beauty of nature.

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Mopan Mountain National Forest Park, 20 kilometers southeast of Xin Ping Yi and the Dai Minorities Autonomous County.

How to Get There?

There are no buses headed toward the Mopan Mountain National Forest Park. Visitors can opt to rent a taxi from the nearby Xinping County.

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More Tips:

Visit the Mopan Mountain National Forest Park during springtime to witness the beautiful sea of blooming flowers.

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