Tonghai Xiushan Mountain

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Introduction of the tourist spot:

The Tonghai County seat is situated at the foot of mountains and besides a lake. Xiushan Mountain is closely to the south, and overlooks the county. The landscape here looks like a beautiful picture. In the front, Qilu Lake has shining glistening lights of waves. In the middle, the houses in the county look dignified. And Xiushan Moutain behind appears green. It is characterized South Yangtze River scene.

In Xiushan Mountain, the trees are luxuriant and well-spaced. It is a deep and quiet place with static temperature. You can see various flowers on the tree in spring, moving shadows of the tree in summer, whistling red leaves in fall and peculiar branches in winter. The mountain has different trees in different areas. At the north foot of the mountain, the green bamboo forests look like curtains. Walking along the rough passage, the light is quite dim even in the daytime. On the northwest mountainside, the green pines cover the sky and make it a extremely quiet place. On the west side, the mountain is covered by jungle and brushwood, which is an untraversed, peaceful and isolated region. The cedars and chestnuts are distributed in the east of the mountain, where the trees are so green and luxuriant that it is a best place for living in seclusion or strolling along. On the south of the mountain, the old and young pines look like moving green covers. The sound is ceaseless and you can find the amusement of listening to the sounds tastefully.

Puguang Temple

The second oldest temple in Xiushan Mountain is Puguang Temple on the east mountainside. It is said that construction of this temple was started in the Five Dynasties and extended in the Daolong Era, the eleventh Jiyou year in the Dali State, namely, the ninth year of Lizong Chun Era in the Song Dynasty (1249 AD). The steles of the Yuan Dynasty in this temple have a long history and are of antique flavor. The temple enshrines and worships the magical monk Li Panfu. It is said that he came from Xinxing State (Yuxi) and shaved his head and became a monk in Tonghai. When he found that the water of the lakes in Tonghai had always inundated the farmland and the farm work had became harder, he started to dig holes to drain the water. After the lake water had fallen to other places, many fertile lands appear around the lake. People could enjoy a good and prosperous life then. So they build a temple here to commemorate him.

Yongjin Temple

Located on the peak of Xiushan Mountain, Yongjin Temple is a building of the largest scale and remotest time. The building of the temple is broad in scale and the palaces and halls are elegant and beautiful. There is a stone platform in front of the gate. Climbing on the stone and looking far to the Qilu Lake, you can see the glistening light of the waves, open and flat farmlands, as well as tall trees, which make you feel completely relaxed and joyful.

Towers and Pavilions  

When Climbing up the mountain and looking far into the distance, a pavilion is necessary. All buildings on Xiushan Mountain face north to the lake. They are surrounded by several main temples. Haiyue Tower is built on the left and right sides of the Qingliang Platform. Tianjing Tower locates in front of Doutian Pavilion. Huanhe Tower is in the depth of the Land of Peach Blossoms, where a reputable man in Tonghai, Kan Zhenzhao had lived in seclusion. The Haiyue Tower is on the west side of Zhuguofu. In the courtyard, camellia and cheery bay send out sweet scent. During the moon set or the flowers blossom, you can climb up the tower and look in distance. The watery blue reaching far beyond the horizon and the waters and skies merge into one color. The scene and buildings in Xiushan Mountain are so unique that many men of literature and writing of past dynasties have written a great number of poems, plaques and couplets for her, which add to Xiushan Moutain’s elegance and nobleness, as well as literary grace and romance.

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How to Get There?
Take regular bus from East Kunming Station to Tonghai County. The ticket costs 15 yuan. The distance from Kunming to Tonghai is about 138 km. The Xiushan Mountain is quite near to the downtown area. After arriving at Tonghai, Walk along Nanjie Street to the Xiushan Park.

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