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Yimen Longquan National Forest Park

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Introduction of the tourist spot:

It has another name, Dalongkou. Three mountains surround the park, and one river flow through it. In the park, you can find towering ancient trees. The pavilions, terraces and open halls bring out the best in each other. The park occupies an area of more than 10,000 mu (6666.7 square kilometers). The water area is 304 mu (202,677 square kilometers). Forest coverage percentage is over 95%. So it is praised as "natural oxygen bar". The scenic spots in the park include Longquan Temple, Dragon's Hole, Opera Platform, Pavilion in the Heart of Water, Yueyang Tower, Dabei Pavilion, Longyin Temple, and so on.

There is a reservoir named the Longquan Reservoir, which is as limpid as the mirror, at the entrance of Longquan Park. The Dalongkou Spring flow into the reservoir along with the Dragon's Hole. There are pines and laurels beside the reservoir. The 100 meter corridor has golden tile and red column, which is a very attractive scene. The three big mountains in the west, south and north directions stand majestically with luxuriant trees. When late fall arrives, the fragrance of laurel blossoms waft through the fresh air, and the fallen leaves swan slowly.

The smell of the brooks and springs gladden the heart and refresh the mind. One tourist has used a poem to praise its beauty, which reads "The heart is enchanted when walking along the brook with fragrance. You can never understand what spring is if you do not come to Longquan "


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How to Get There?

It is about 80 km away from Kunming. Drive on the An-Chu Superhighway. After passing 3 toll gates, get down the superhighway to Yimen County according to the guidepost's direction along the roads. It takes about 1 and a half hours.

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More Tips:
Tips: Tourists can go there and back in one day. If you want to swim in the Dalongkou Reservoir after sunset, you can stay overnight here.

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