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Yuxi Karst Caves

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/28

Introduction of the tourist spot:

The Yuxi Karst Caves are more than 300 meters in length. The highest point in these caves is more than 20 meters, and the widest place is nearly 50 meters. The main cave has four rooms of varying sizes. There are also four forked caves. The passages in the caves are precipitous. And the landscape has varied structure. All kinds of stalactites in the caves make it seem like a crystal palace. The natural stalagmites, stone flowers, stalagnates, stone curtains, stone elephants, stone beasts, etc. in the caves are more exquisitely carved than crystals and more spotlessly white than the snowflakes. They are spotless clean. The air in the caves is especially cool and refreshing. Tourists can hear sound of the water drops falling from the tip of hanging stalactites from time to time. In the joint place of the main cave and the second branch cave, there is a clear spring. A couple of stone statue stands in the spring pool, looking like bathing golden boy and jade girl vividly.

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How to Get There?
There is no direct bus. You can hire a bus in the downtown area to get there.

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Opening Hours:
8:00 am – 6:00 pm

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