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Yuxi Travel Guide

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Yuxi Overview

Yuxi has been called as "defensive frontier of the provincial capital" since ancient time. Covering an area of 15,285 square kilometers, the city of Yuxi has a population of 2,016,800. There are 25 minorities in this city, including Yi, Hani, Dai, Hui, Bai, Mongolian, Miao, Laku and so on, which make up 31.69% of the population.

Yuxi is in the Middle Yunnan Lake Basin Area. There are abundant tourist resources here, for example, the four plateau lakes, namely Fuxian Lake, Xingyun Lake, Qilu Lake and Yangzong Lake (majority part); one of the five most famous mountains in Yunnan Province, which is also known as "the most beautiful mountain in South Yunnan" Tonghai Xiushan Mountain; national forest parks, the Xinping Mopan Mountain and Yimen Great Dragon Gate; Huaning Xiangbi hot spring and so on. These places compose a famous spot for tourism, vacation and recuperation nearest to Kunming. The lakes, ponds, reservoirs and other water areas cover nearly 800,000 mu (533, 360 square kilometers). The well-known aquatic products include the Kanglang Fish, bullhead fish, the Jinxian Fish, snakeheaded fish, herring, whitebait, China Hairy Soft-shelled Turtle Crab, and so on.

Yuxi City

Yuxi City

The rivers in this city belong to the Pearl River water system and the Red River water system. Three counties, Xinping County, Yimen County, and Yuanjiang County, as well as part of Eshan County belong to the Red River water system. The Hongta District, Tonghai County, Huaning County, Chengjiang County and part of Eshan County belong to the Pearl River water system, with the a drainage area of 5,044 square kilometers.

Parts of the areas in Yuxi still preserve ancient virgin forests and ample wildlife resources. Most areas in Yuxin are farmlands for grain crops, so it is known as "granary of Middle Yunna" and home of fish and rice. Yuxi is the earliest region where flue-cured tobaccos are planted in China. The tobaccos are of high quality, especially the leaf tobaccos, which is well known both in China and abroad. It is called "Home to the Yunan Tobaccos". The Hongta Group in Yuxi is a well-known tobacco company throughout the country, which produces some famous brands of cigarette, such as Hongta Mountain, Yuxi, Hongmei.

The splendid prehistoric cultures of Yuxi are represented by the Lengjiang River Maotianshan Mountain ancient creature fossils, which are admirably wonderful and win fame in China and abroad; the ample and integrated dinosaur fossils in groups in Yimen and Eshan Mountain; many ruins dating back from the Paleolithic to the Neolithic time.

Administrative Divisions: Hongta Distrct, Huaning District, Huaning County, Chengjiang County, Yimen County, Tonghai County, Jiangchuan County, Yuanjiang Hani and Yi Autonomous County, Xinping Yi and Dai Autonomous County, and Eshan Yi Autonomous County.

City Phone Code: 0877
Post Code: 653100
Tourist Complaints Call: 0877-96927
Yuxi Municipal Tourism Bureau:2067406