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Baodugu National Forest Park

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Baodugu National Forest Park is characterized by continuous mountain ranges and peaks standing in great numbers. They consist of a natural barrier from the east to the west. The park enjoys high coverage of vegetation. There is a variety of trees including many rare ones such as acacia, juniper, and Chinese catalpas, etc. Among the peaks stands a towering one—Baodugu Peak. It looks like a straight pole rising to the heaven. At the southwest foot of the peak leans a deep gully, where a big water fall comes into being. Tsing-Hua Taoist Temple and Chaoyun Taoist Temple are situated in the east of the gully. There are ten caves on the mountain waist and they are called Taoyuan Cave or Water Curtain Cave. Inside the caves hide a lot of Buddhist statues with different facial expressions and postures. From the foot to the top of the mountains tourists will fully experience the cragginess of cliffs. You must make full use of your hands and feet when you climb them. When you reach the top of the peak, a land of 30 square meters and a pool of spring water will heaves in sight. Taking a bird view from the mountain top, you can appreciate the fantastic sceneries of the wide field, and huge Huanghai River which is usually wreathed by clouds and mists. Besides the mountains are other tourist attractions, including Chaoyun Taoist Temple, Baoyungu Top, Eighteen Disciples of Buddha, and Huanglong Cave, etc.


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How to Get There?
Bus No. 12 starts from Triangle Park and arrives at Baodugu Terminal. It is 25 minutes a shift.

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Opening Hours:
8: 00-18: 00

More Tips:
1.Suggested Touring Time: spring, autumn, and summer 2. Normally you need to spend two hours if you want to visit the whole park.

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