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Tengzhou Exhibition Hall of Stone Paintings in Han Dynasty

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Stone Paintings of Han Dynasty exhibited in Tengzhou Exhibition Hall display in an efficient manner the varied content and connotation. They combine immortals with average human beings, the heaven with the world, myth with reality, and beauty in real life with that in imagination. They present to the tourists a grand and colorful roll of pictures. The exhibited paintings can be categorized into three kinds of subject matter, namely, real life, fairy stories and beasts, and historical figures. They reflect various aspects of social life and therefore reputed as the “epitome of Han Dynasty”. In terms of contribution to art, these stone paintings function as a connected link between the past and the present in the long river of painting history. It is widely recognized as “the gem of oriental art”. Stone paintings unearthed in Tengzhou are very exquisite and rich in content. Therefore the exhibition hall is of larger importance among districts of stone paintings nation widely. In early 19th century, the excavated stone paintings are characterized by iron making, cattle, plough, spinning, etc. Other paintings unearthed later featuring topics on astronomical phenomenon, Ascension, etiquette and custom, banquet, and acrobatics are rare ones as the witness of history. The inscriptions on these paintings, such as “the First Ruling Year of Yanguang Emperor” and “the Third Ruling Year of Yuanjia Emperor”, demonstrate well the unique annalistic characteristics of collected artistic works in the hall. Besides, some of stone paintings unearthed in Tengzhou are also exhibited in China History Museum and Shanghai Museum. The nine-floor Longquan Pagoda standing in the scenic area was built up in North Song Dynasty. It has a plain but grand style. The Pagoda and the corridor of stone paintings add radiance to each other.

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How to Get There?
You can take Bus No. 6 and No. 9 and get off at Longquan Square Station. The Hall is at the north side of the road.

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Opening Hours:
8: 00-18: 00

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Tips: it will take you 40 minutes to tour the Exhibition Hall.

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