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Xiong'er Mountain National Geological Park

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The Grand Double-dragon Rift Valley of Xiong’er Mountain is 1000 meters long, two to six meters wide, and 30 to 50 meters deep. According to geologists, the Rift Valley is originated from the aggradations of sea-faces 500, 000 years ago. Due to weathering and the erosion of flood, landslide of the mountain body then happened, leading to large crack of the mountaintop. That is how the Rift Valley came into being.

The Grand Double-dragon Rift Valley is characterized by precipitous cliffs, towering peaks, as well as grotesque and rugged rocks spreading vertically and horizontally. Walking in the valley, you will find that the broad road in front of you suddenly become a maze. It is accompanied by caves and waters, like a well-decorated artificial corridor. There are emerald green pines and cypresses, grotesque rocks and stones, wild grapes living on cliffs, and aged Fleecefolwer Root, you would be impressed by what you see and acclaim as the peak of perfection. In a word, the Grand Double-dragon Rift Valley is a fantastic place for mountain climbers and pathfinders.


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How to Get There?
There are shifts of special tourist bus in Zaozhuang Passenger Transport Coach Terminal. They can take you from Zaozhuang to Xiong’er Mountain National Geological Park

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8: 00-18: 00

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Tips: It takes three hours to visit all the scenic spots of the Grand Double-dragon Rift Valley.

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