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Zaozhuang Travel Guide

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Zaozhuang Overview

The landform of Zaozhuang is reduced gradually southwards. It is located in the area of low mountains and hills in the central-south of Shandong Province. The east and north of the city are characterized by mountains. Yimeng Mountains are extending and winding with dotted hillocks and smaller ranges. There are clear springs, emerald green pines and junipers, as well as colorful flowers. The west and south of the city feature rivers and lakes. Weishan Lake connects with the Grant Canal, presenting unique and fantastic landscapes. Besides the lake and river leans a huge, fertile plain reputed as “the land of flowing milk and honey”.

The city of Zaozhuang is endowed with advantageous geographical location and convenient transportation. It is situated at the center of Huaihai River Economic Zone and on the shared border of four provinces, namely, Shandong, Anhui, Henan, and Jiangsu. It borders on Pingyi County, Feixian County, and Cangshan County of Linyi City in the east, neighbors on Tongshan County and Pizhou City of Jiangsu Province in the south, and adjoins Weishan County of Jining City and Zoucheng City in the north and west. Zaozhuang lies in the south-north transition belt in east China, and connects the coastal areas with the inland of West China. Adjacent to Longhai Highway and three harbors (Lanshan Habor, Rizhao Harbor, and Lianyungang Harbor), Zaozhuang enjoys convenient transportation. It is close to the airports of five cities, namely, Jinan, Qingdao, Xuzhou, Lianyungang, and Jining, and is crossed by Jinghu (Beijing to Shanghai) Highway, Jingfu (Tai’an to Beijing) Highway, National Highway No. 104 and No. 106, as well as Jinghang (Beijing to Hangzhou) Grant Canal. Therefore, with incomparable geological advantages, Zaozhuang will become more and more competitive for further development.

Since it is located in the geographical transition belt form South to North in Northeast China, Zaozhuang is undoubtedly endowed with unique landform gradually reduced southwards. In terms of economic development, it facilitates the communication between coastal cities in East China and the inland areas in West China. Besides, Zaozhuang has rich reserve of natural resources, fantastic sceneries, and various cultural relics.