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Jiangya Hot Spring Holiday Inn

Last updated by jasmine at 2015/11/4

Hot spring is the feature of the Jiangya Hot Spring Holiday Inn. It is the first of this kind in Zhangjiajie and it is the only place where visitors can enjoy the spring half in the open air. The environment is elegant and unique, with the classic layout of a garden. There are narrow flagstone paths, artificial hills, man-made waterfalls, small bridges and running water. The hot pool is like a pearl in the garden. It is simple yet beautiful and peaceful with indifference to fame or benefit. In the holiday inn, there are facilities like bathing center, restaurant, recreation room, conference room and so on, which make it a very good place for business affairs, relaxation, and recuperation.

The hot spring here averages 53 degree all the year round. The water is clear and clean, containing many mineral matters and microelements that are beneficial to the health. It is said the hot water here may have the function of treating certain diseases like rheumatism, and aches in the nerves of bone.

Besides, there are also gymnasium, rest rooms and all kinds of recreations for the visitors to choose. You may enjoy your life here.

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How to Get There?
It is about 75 kilometers away from Zhangjiajie City. Visitors may take a long-distance bus or a train to Chili County first, then, from Chili to Jiangya Town. There are luxurious express bus from the Chili railway station to the holiday inn every 30 minutes from 6:00-18:00. In the downtown area in Zhangjiajie, there are buses going to the holiday inn too.

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Opening Hours:
09:00 to 21:00

More Tips:
1. Diet: there are many kinds of Chinese and western restaurants in the holiday inn for the visitors to choose and visitors can also dine in the local farm house or in the open air too. 2. Accommodation: visitors may have a lot of choices in the holiday inn and the prices may differ according to different styles of building.

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