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Chahanzhuoer Grassland

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For people who are looking for a sight which will be utterly pleasing to their eyes and relaxing for their mind, the Chahanzhuoer Grassland is the right place to go to. This is an area which captivates the hearts of thousands of people form different parts of the globe because of the picturesque view. It is like a painting which came to life because of the immeasurable natural beauty that it has. 
The Chahanzhuoer Grassland is located right in between the Hebei Province and Mongolia. It is amazing how the wondrous beauty of this place has been preserved. What makes it even more astounding is the fact that amidst its splendor, it is also a place which has great historical significance. 
About 700 years ago, this served as the camp for the Wutai Mongolians. This is where they built their settlement and started their community. From then on, the culture and lifestyle of the Wutai Mongolians continued to progress. Today, the locals within the Chahanzhuoer Grassland still keep the traditions and way of life which they got from their ancestors. For tourists who go to this place, they can still witness the rich heritage, language and traditions which can be traced back to hundreds of years ago. 

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The view of the Chahanzhuoer Grassland is a really admirable one. Tourists who go to this place could not help but be amazed with the area that is covered with lush greens. Even if one extends his/her eyes to the farthest view, the end of the grasslands still can not be seen. This attraction covers up to more than 100 square kilometers of seemingly unending grass-covered land. 
This attraction is popular especially within Hebei and other areas that are close to it. Though this place is considered as significant by the government, there is no need to exert much effort in preserving its endearing appeal. The grasslands remain lovely year in and year out. This can be credited to the locals who do their share in keeping Chahanzhuoer Grassland very beautiful. 
The Chahanzhuoer Grassland is actually considered as the largest natural meadow within Hebei. The greeneries grow by itself without much maintenance. When the seasons change, the plants, trees and flowers also adapt to the climate but their growth never stops. 
For tourists who want to spend time in Chahanzhuoer Grassland, getting the relaxation that they are hoping for is way too easy. The bright sky is just the tip of the ice berg because this location has too many wonders to offer. There are landscapes which are graced by the flourishing plants and trees and sparkling brooks. The bonus attractions are the flock of birds which also find solace in this place. 

Natural Water

Though Chahanzhuoer Grassland is popular for its vast landscape which is naturally decorated by greens, there is another spot in here which the visitors should not miss out. It is the clear lake waters. The shore is a welcoming venue for individual travelers as well as families. During summer months, the area beside the lovely lake is frequented by people, both locals and tourists. Aside from recreational activities beside the lake, this is also a venue for guests to have the chance to mingle with the locals and discover more about Hebei. 
The lake sums up to about 35 square kilometers. This far-reaching lake with sparkling water is considered as the largest salt water formation within Hebei. 

Solo Adventure Tips:


Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province

How to Get There?

Take bus from Beijing Xizhimen bus station to Zhangjiakou. The first trip is at six in the morning and there is one bus starting off every half an hour.

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Opening Hours:

All day, all year round

More Tips:

When the scorching heat affects the other parts of China, the Chahanzhuoer Grassland is a good place to visit because the temperature here remains cool. 

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