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Hotspring in Chicheng County

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/29

East to Xuanhua Village, west to Chengde Village, north to Beijing city and south to Guyuan village, the hot spring in Chicheng Country was praised as the "number one hot spring in rural China" in history, and now one of the best hot springs in the world. It is surrounded by stretching mountains and exuberant pine trees with seemingly mysterious temples hiding behind; it is accompanied by birds singing and brooks running; it is such a wonderland.

The ChiCheng hot spring is located on a plain with an altitude close to one thousand meters. The temperature of the area maintains from 12 to 20.1 degree Celsius all year long, and there is usually a huge day-night temperature difference of 12 degree Celsius.

The spring water has an impressive temperature of 68 degree Celsius and it has very high mineral content that are known to have great therapeutic benefits. It is known to be able to cure numerous illnesses such as arthritics, back pains and dermatitis etc and has life-prolonging effects.

The main spring is named Tang Hot spring, which is then divided into Zong Hot Spring, Yan Hot Spring, Wei Hot Spring, and Ping Hot Spring.

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There is special tour bus in the bus station.

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