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Qingyuan Tower

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QingyuanTower, built in 1482 AD, is situated right in the center of the ancient city Xuanhua of Zhangjiakou city in Hebei Province. It is a multi-angular grandeur tower sitting on top of an 8-meter high squared rampart with an arch on each side. This rampart connects the Changping Gate on south, Guangling Gate on the north, Anding Gate on the east and Daxin Gate on the west. Trails of iron wheels dated back to 500 years ago are still visible in the rampart. The tower is about 25 meters tall with 3 rooms and 6 pillars on each floor. The tower was beautifully designed with delicately decorated pavilions and elegant carvings. Under the roof on each side of the building, there hangs a plaque; each depicts its name, its vigor, its significance and its importance. In second floor of the tower, there is the Xuanfu Bell forged in year 1539. It is 2.5 meters tall with a diameter of 1.7 meters and a weight of over 5,000 kilograms. It is amazing to hear the bell ringing sonorously from as far as 40 kilometers away. To some extent, it shares similar repute with the Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan as famously referred in a number of ancient Chinese poems. It is one of the finest artistic, architectural and cultural remains from ancient China.

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It is accessible from Zhangjiakou to Xuanhua by vehicle.

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