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Saibei Ski Resort

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The winter months does not always have to be dull and dreary. For those who are seeking for some blood-rushing experience which they would never forget for the rest of their lives, spending a day or two in the Saibei Ski Resort is much recommended. 
Though this place has gained popularity not just within China, but also in other parts of the world, it caters to both amateurs and professional skiers. The best time to go to this place is during the months of November to middle part of March. This is the time when the slopes are perfect for adventurous skiing. Aside from the thrill of this exciting sport, the Saibei Ski Resort also offers a blissful view.  

Things to Do 


Of course, the primary goal of people who go here is to ski. Most of the tourists bring their own equipment when travelling to Saibei Ski Resort so that they can ensure that everything fits them perfectly. However, for people who have never tried this sport before and would like to get some basic lessons first, the place also has fine gear which guests could avail. 
Yes, no one should be intimidated to go to Saibei Ski Resort. The resort has divided their lanes which are dedicated for skiing. This is actually a good thing because skiers can stay safe during their vacation. 
The Saibei Ski Resort has a lane which is specifically for amateurs and kids. The slopes allow better control of speed and velocity. On the other hand, for people who are looking for a more enthralling skiing experience, they can take the other lane which is for pros. This lane makes it easier to accelerate. 
The lowest altitude in Saibei Ski Resort is 1,600 meters while the highest altitude is 2,000 meters. The development of this resort is quite impressive because the design and layout is patterned after Italian Apes. During the winter months, the entirety of the Saibei Ski Resort is capped with generous amount of snow because of the natural pattern of snow movement. This place is close to the Taihang Mountains so the winter months bring a lot of snow to this place. Yes, that also means that the temperature here can seriously drop. 


The great thing about Saibei Ski Resort is that it does not only offer wonderful skiing experience. The place is also loaded with the essential facilities which will make their guests want to stay longer. 
Ideally, people go to Saibei Ski Resort and stay here for at least two days. That way, they can maximize their travel and be able to have the chance to explore other areas of the place. This resort has high-class facilities like the sauna, bar, music hall and game room. Hence, for families and group of friends, there is never a dull moment while they are here. There are also various options when it comes to the type of lodging. People can choose to splurge on the luxurious hotel rooms or they can work out their tight budget by opting for the farmhouse lodgings. Rest assured, the comfort and safety of the guests will be given to them, even if they pick the more affordable ones. 

Solo Adventure Tips:


Southern foothills of the Taihang Mountains, northern part of the Hebei Plain; Northwest of Beijing , township of Sitaizui, Chongli County, Hebei Province.

How to Get There?

Take the bus from Beijing to Zhangjiakou that takes about 2 hours via the new Beijing-Zhangjiakou highway.

Ticket Price:

 Accommodation price can range from 60 CNY to 1,880 CNY per night, depending on the type of room.

Opening Hours:

7:00 am to 5:00 pm

More Tips:

For skiers, December and January are the best months to visit the Saibei Ski Resort. The population may be a bit higher than the other months but the slopes are also at its best. 

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