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Zhangbei Bashang Grassland

Last updated by  at 2015/11/30

Zhangbei Bashang Grassland once was a place where the emperors of Qing Dynasty left Beijing and went for hunting in autumn. The air is fresh here. It is well-preserved natural grassland without any pollution. It is cool here in summer while there are numerous flowers covering the land and the cloud waving to and fro in the blue sky. Summer is the best time to sightseeing. You can sleep in the Mongolia house with unique feeling. Of course, you can take tabernacle by yourself.

Grass、blue sky、 white cloud、 groups of flocks and herds、the ding of camel ring 、the singing of kinds of birds 、Mongolia house 、 milk tea、mutton and mushroom soup, a beautiful scene of grassland in the north of Great Wall.

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The characteristic dish is mushroom and mutton soup in Zhangjiakou( the mushroom of Zhangjiakou is very well-known.) the price for renting Mongolia house is about 45Yuan per person.

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