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South Hill Temple (Nan Shan Temple)

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The South Hill Temple was built in the 24th year of Kaiyuan Era of the Tang Dynasty (736 AD). It was once a private house of Chen Yong, the Teacher of the King. When he was framed, he has no alternative but to donate his house to be a temple. His daughter also became a Buddhist nun. The temple was first named “Yanfu Buddist Temple”, and later changed to South Hill Temple. The existing buildings were reconstructed during the late Qing Dynasty, but still reserve the Tang Style. The main buildings include Hall of Deva-kings, Mahavira Hall, Karma Free Hall, Pavilion for Sutras and so on. The architecture and sculpture in this temple are highly valued in art. It also has a rich collection of epigraphy and Sutras. Here you can find the Big Copper Bell casted in Yanyou Era of the Yuan Dynasty, the six-meter-high Buddha carved from a natural stalagmite in the Tang Dynasty which is the biggest indoor stone carving in Fujian Province, the incomplete manuscript of Avatamsaka Sutra, which is written in the monks’ and nuns’ blood while they have taken apastia for a certain period and completed after three years in Tianqi Era of the Ming Dynasty, the statue of the Buddha made of pure white marble by Burman oversea Chinese in the 30 years of Guangxu Era of the Qing Dynasty (1904 AD), etc. Besides, there are Temple of Chen Yong, Cultivation Hall, Tomb of Jinhua and other scenic spots.

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How to Get There?
Take Bus Number 3 or Bus number 12 to Pharmaceutical Factory Station, and then walk there.

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8:00 am – 7:00 pm

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