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Tianfu Tea Museum

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This museum covers an area of 80 mu (53,336 square meters). There are four major halls in this museum, the Main Exhibition Hall, Classroom for Tea Ceremony, Japanese Tea Ceremony Hall and Painting and Calligraphy House. Top Eight scenic spots are Generation to Generation, Stone carving of Tea Customs, Tea Garden of the Warriors, Orchid Pavilion on the circled water, Tangshan Waterfall, Lush forest and Tall Bamboos, Inverted Image on Clear Lake, Teapot Granted by Heavenly Palace. The Main Exhibition Hall is a two-storied pseudo-classic Chinese architecture covering 3,000 square kilometers. It exhibit tea technology, history of development of the tea, worldwide tea situation, world tea culture, modern tea ceremony, various precious teapots, tea and poem, tea and painting, tea and human health, multi-utility of the tea, and other knowledge on tea. It also introduces the history of Tianfu Tea Museum in pictures and words. Tianfu Tea Museum is an organic museum specialized in tea, combined with academic research, cultural inherit, education and entertainment. When traveling here, you can not only learn the cultural history of the tea, but also enjoy the tea ceremony performance which can be only seen in Tianfu, for example, Lu Yu’s Self absent Tea Party, Taiwan Four Step Tea Party, Boiling Tea while Listening Poems in the Tang and Song Dynasties, Palace Tea Ceremony in the Qing Dynasty, Tea Ceremony of the Minorities in Yunnan Province, Japanese Tea Ceremony, and so on.

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Take a bus from South Zhangzhou Station to get there.

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8:00 am – 7:00 pm

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