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Donghai Island Tourist Resort

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/4

There are several tourist attractions on the island. Longshui (Dragon water) Peak, the highest peak on Donghai Island, also the only mountain ridge in the scenic spot, is one of the 56 volcanic cones in Zhanjiang and it looks like a flying dragon. Naozhou Island formed by volcanic eruption faces the tourist resort across the sea. The ancient lighthouse on Naozhou Island is one hundred years old and is one of the only two crystal prism lighthouses in the world.

Tourists have a lot to do in the resort. It is great to enjoy the clean sea water and the soft and clean sand, which is good for a sand bath as the minerals in the sand is good for human skin and it even helps cure one’s skin diseases. It is also very relaxing to have a hot bath in the bathing pools connected with the underground hot springs in the scenic spot. These pools are usually in the hotels and the holiday villas.

Tourists can take a rest in the Coconut Palm Forest Garden, enjoy the sea view and taste the delicious local food. They can also enjoy flying light planes, gliding, riding motorboat in the sea and car racing on the beach, or even try drawing the net with the fishermen.

It is also convenient to stay in the resort. About 30 hotels in the area can provide accommodation for 2,000 people.

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How to Get There?
those who drive there can start from the downtown and drive for 23 km to Dongshan Township located at the center of the island and then drive east for about 20 km to the scenic spot. Tourists can also take a bus near Xiashan Railway Station to get to the scenic spot. The bus starts every 20 minutes. They can also take a Xiashan-Dongnan bus to get to the scenic spot (Tourists should tell the bus driver that they should go to the Donghai Island first). The price is 8 yuan.

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