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Huguang Yan Maar Lake

Last updated by chenyuan at 2015/11/4

Huguang Yan Lake is the only maar lake formed at a crater in China. The deep lake water neither floods in the rain nor dries in the drought all year around. It is very interesting that dried leaves fall into the lake all year around, but they disappear and vanish very quickly. So you can not see any dried leaves in the lake. There is no snake or frog in the lake but lots of shrimps and fish are living here. The clean water can be drunk directly. The air in the scenic spot is fresh. With singing birds and fragrant flowers, the scenic spot really makes a perfect tourist resort.

According to the scientific survey, Huguang Yan Lake was formed 140,000-160,000 years ago. The 400-meter-thick deposit at the bottom of the lake is of great significance in scientific researches and it is said to be a condensed history of earth’s crust, physics, organism development and nature evolvement. There are also many marvelous scenery and folk stories and inscriptions and poems written by famous people in the history. All of these make the lake a “storehouse of poems and culture”. No wonder a UN expert called the lake a “natural almanac” and a “natural museum” left by the evolvement of the earth in the past thousands of years and a “golden key” to open the earth maze.

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Take a No. 3 bus that starts every 15 minutes from Xiashan District Bus Terminal or take a No. 6 bus that starts from Chikan District Bus Terminal (near the gate of Cunjin Park)

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