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Nansan Island

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Nansan Island Holiday Village

With sunshine, sand, sea and forest, the 83-km-long coastline along the 123.4-sq km-wide island is like a pearl inset in the magnificent South China Sea. The charming subtropical scenery and the European-style villas hidden in the dense forest along the coast make a marvelous scene there.

Nansan Island Natural Park

Nansan Island Natural Park boasts beautiful natural scenery. The beach here is open and smooth, and the silver-white sand includes abundant pearl powder and several kinds of minerals helpful to human health. Tourists can enjoy themselves here by either surfing or just playing on the beach.

The windbreak forest belt along the coast is as large as 40,000 mu (1 mu equals 0.0667 hectare). The lush green forest and the white beaches set each other off wonderfully, just like the “immense forest and snowfield” in southern part of China. It is especially charming and pleasant in hot summer.

The garden provides the tourists service of swimming in the sea, food, accommodation and entertainments. Small-scaled groups of meeting, recuperation, summer camps and tourists are also received. Cheap but good seafood is offered here.

Nansan Island Eden Holiday Village

With smooth, open and golden beaches, the European-style villas hidden in the dense forest along the coast, sea, waves, sand and sunshine, Eden Holiday Village is a perfect place for people to spend their holiday. The village has standard tennis courts, croquet courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, archery range, sea-view corridor and snack bars. There are also music teahouse with simple and primitive decorations, sea-view pavilion to watch sunrise, the camping area, barbecue area and the open bathing beach in Eden Village.

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How to Get There?
Take a bus from Zhanjiang Airport or Zhanjiang Railway Station to get to the ferry in Xianshan District. Take a boat to get to Nansan Dock (which takes about 20 minutes). Then take a bus that runs along the tree-lined road for about 30 minutes to get to the scenic spot.

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