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Sanyuan Tower Garden

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Sanyuan Tower Garden is located on the top of Nanling Mountain in Leizhou Prefecture of Zhanjiang City. The garden is famous for its Sanyuan Tower, which is a provincial level protection unit of historical heritages. This garden does not acquire a large area, yet it is home to a great deal of historical heritage.

Sanyuan Tower was built during the Wanli Period of the Ming Dynasty (1563-1620) with the name of “Qixiu Tower” at first, and then got the name of "Sanyuan" because of the three snake eggs, in order to achieve the meaning of “the graduates of three governmental examinations”. The tower is 30 meters high, and tourists can climb to the top of the tower to has a bird’s eye view of the fantastic landscapes of Leizhou Prefecture. For this reason, famous scholars from ancient times are attracted to visit the place.

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