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Zhanjiang Travel Guide

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Zhanjiang Overview

Zhangjiang, a beautiful coastal city in Guangdong Province, was known as Kwangchowan or Guangzhou Bay before 1974. As one of the first 14 coastal cities open to the outside world in 1984, Zhanjiang is an important base for the oil prospecting in South China Sea and for the burgeoning deep-sea fishing industry. Zhanjiang is also important in connecting China mainland and Hainan, the southernmost province in China.

Located in the southwestern part of Guangdong Province, Zhanjiang City covers Leizhou Peninsular and the area to the north. It borders on South China Sea to the east, faces Hainan Province across Qiongzhou Straits and is close to Beibu Bay (A semi-enclosed sea surrounded by territories of China and Vietnam) to the west. Zhanjiang Port is an important state-level deepwater port with more than 20 small and medium-sized matching ports around Leizhou Peninsular.

Zhanjiang, with charming and gentle scenery of seawater, islands, beach, sunshine and forest belt, is a perfect destination for coastal tourism. The scenic spots include two provincial-level resorts of Donghai Island and Jizhao Bay, one city-level resorts of the Nansan Island, the Golden Coast in Wuyang Town in Wuchuan City and Baisha Bay in Xuwen County. Huguang Yan is one of the two maar lakes in the world assessed by the UN Earth Research Center and Earth Research Institute of China Scientific Institute in 1997 (The other one is in Eifel Region in Germany). Other scenic spots include Leizhou City, a famous state-level historic city, South Asia Tropical Botanical Garden with rare plants and Hedi Reservoir, a resort known as “artificial sea”.

Area code:0759

Post code:524000


City flower: Bauhinia

Languages: The languages of Zhanjiang are complicated. Most Zhanjiang people speak Southern Fujian (Province) Dialect or Leizhou Dialect. Some of them speak Cantonese. Few people speak mandarin, so it is difficult for people from other places to communicate with the local people.

Administrative division: Zhanjiang covers three cities of Leizhou, Lianjiang and Wuchuan, two counties of Xuwen and Suixi and four districts of Chikan, Xiashan, Potou and Mazhang.

Area: 12,470 sq. km