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Swallow Rock

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/28

Swallow Rock scenery area lies in the Qiaotou Town, 27km southwest of Huaiji County. More than 360 differently-shaped mountains rise abruptly out of the ground and there are about 170 caves of different sizes with typical karst configuration; therefore it’s named “Junior Yangshuo”. There are various strange rocks here, such as: Camel Mountain, Double Chest Mountain, Crown Mountain, Gorilla watching the Moon, Tortoise climbing the hill and many other wonderful landscapes. The fantastic caves include the Swallow Rock, the Wind Rock, Zhao Rock and the Black Cave. Besides, the Fog Rock, Red Moon Rock, Dizai Rock, Tanbang Rock, Lotus Rock are also attractive. All these make up a natural cave museum.

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How to Get There?
First you can take a bus at Guangzhou Bus Station to Huaicheng of Huaiji county and then to Qiaotou town by bus at a price of 10 Yuan or so.

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The best tourist time to visit the Swallow Rock is during the Swallow Festival on June 6 in the lunar calendar.

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