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Xinghu Seven Star Cave

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People who have an adventurous heart would have a wonderful time when the visit the Xinghu Seven Star Cave. The beauty that this place has is absolutely breath-taking. It is a place which shows how crafty Mother Nature is because it combines the magnificence of both land and water formation.

For those who would like to feel relaxed and escape from the hustle and bustle of life, this is the perfect destination too. Every single corner of this place is amazing. The sparkling water which surrounds the intricately-shaped rock formation makes it a true paradise. This place looks like it is something that was taken from the pages of a fairytale book and by magic, it actually became real. 

Spending just a single day in the Xinghu Seven Star Cave is not enough. This place offers too many wonderful sights for exploration so it is best to spend ample time here. All in all, the place covers up to 8.23 square kilometers. Tourists can enjoy the interconnected small islands.

Things To Do

The list of attractions which can be seen in Xinghu Seven Star Cave is almost endless. There are five different lakes which can be seen in this destination. Tourists may opt to stroll along the banks and watch as the waves gently move along with the gentle breeze. There are also sections that are close to the lakes which are perfect for picnic or barbecue for group of friends or for the entire family.

There are also six mounds and seven cliffs which can be found within the area of Xinghu Seven Star Cave. That is why, this is a great destination for people who would like to have their doze of blood-rushing fun. They can go for a walk and follow the tour path. Some opt to check out the top of the mound while others merely want to experience how it is to walk in between towering trees.

Xinghu Seven Star Cave

Xinghu Seven Star Cave

Of course, the most exciting parts in this tourist destination are the caves. Tourists can have the chance to see the thrilling insides of the caves, especially if they avail the guided tours. As one enters the caves, there is an interesting play of darkness and light which makes the trip a really unforgettable one. The interior of the caves also beautifully decorated by the captivating rock formations which results to varying elevation.

The government has special protection for the Xinghu Seven Star Cave and the areas surrounding it. They aim to preserve the natural beauty of this place even if it has been opened for the public. More than just its loveliness, Xinghu Seven Star Cave also plays a special role for the history of Zhaoqing. In this place, guests can find almost 500 stone inscriptions. These pieces are dated back from the Tang Dynasty. These stone inscriptions have much significance for researches in the field of arts and science.

Since Buddhism has long been a part of the culture and heritage of people in Guangdong Province, there are also temples which can be found in different parts of the Xinghu Seven Star Cave. Some are built during the ancient dynasties of China. There are temples which have been slightly damaged but the important thing is that these are now under the government’s protection so that they will be properly preserved.

Because of the immeasurable splendor of the Xinghu Seven Star Cave, this is officially labeled as one of the state-level key scenic spots.

Solo Adventure Tips:


Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province

How to Get There?

To get to the north gate, take bus no.1; To get to the west gate, take bus no.19.

Ticket Price:


Opening Hours:

7:00 am to 6:00 pm

More Tips:

Spend at least a couple of days in the Xinghu Seven Star Cave because this is just enough to check out the different parts of this destination. The Spring Festival season is also the most enjoyable time in this place.

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