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Zhenshan Hill

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Zhenshan Hill was originally named Guangzhen Mountain. A tale tells us why it was renamed. Early in the Tang Dynasty, a family, whose surname is Wen, lived at the foot of a hill. They had no sons or daughters. One night the wife dreamt of a lotus and soon after they had a girl. When the girl was still young, she was engaged. Before they got married, the fiancé was killed by a tiger in the hill. Some playboys in the village were struck by her beauty and intended to insult her. She had to escape into the mountains and was forced to jump into the deep pond from the cliff and died. From then on the mountain was renamed Zhanshan Hill in memory of the girl.

Around Zhenshan Hill, there are Embodiment Pond, Fairy Fish,Fair Snail, Stone Bowel and some other places of interest.

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Bus NO.2 and Bus No.6 in Sihui at the price of 1 Yuan

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