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Dalong Cave Scenic Area

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Dalong Cave, situated in the northern suburb of Zhaotong City, is 12 kilometres away from Zhaotong City. There are a large number of quaint architecture communities with the painted beams and carved girders. And an old temple is hidden at the entrance of the cave. In the cave, there are fantastically shaped stalactites and stalagmites suspended from the roof and a little fresh spring with clear water flowing from the cave. Dalong Cave was opened to the public as a scenic area long before.

Dalong Cave Scenic Area is provincial-level nature protection area, is located on the Jiulong Mountain of Zhaoyang District with an area of 425 mu, including the mountain area of 68 hectares, the courtyard area of 28 hectares and the reservoir area of 38 hectares, is a natural forest park and a summer resort for people to go sightseeing, boating and fishing. Dalong Cave is the famous scenic area of Zhaoyang District at present. The water of Dalong Cave is the important water resource basically met production needs and household use of the residents in Zhaoyang. Around the scenic area, there are buildings covering an area of 5,184 aquare meters and forests of 86 hectares, which played an indelible role in development of irrigation and conservancy project of farm land in Zhaotong.

Dalong Taoist Temple, situated on Jiulong Mountain, is surrounded on three sides by mountains. There are also towering pine, cypress trees and airy pavilions. It’s a tourist attraction with historical humanity, religious culture and scenic spots. In the Taoist temple, there are 2 palace halls dedicated to some gods and a large number of pavilions amongst mountains. Dalong Taoist Temple was open to the public as a park in 1983. With the renovation of the Taoist temple, more and more tourists and the holy followers come to visit Dalong Taoist Temple.

There are naturally occurring stalactites of grotesque shapes in Dalong Cave, which look like flowers, trees, snakes, birds, animals and even organs of human being. In the ancient times, it is said that the sick with long illness, who failed to respond to medical treatment, would go to Dalong Cave for worship. The sick would make a quick recovery after he drank the Longquan water. At that time, at the source of the Dalong Cave, there used to be a stalactite suspended in the air, which is astonishingly similar to the Guanyin Bodhisattva. It is called the “Feilai Guanyin” which satisfied all demands. Besides, the ancient people of Zhaotong used to pray in Dalong Cave for children. Afterwards, it became a folk custom for people to go to Dalong Cave to pray.

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