Huanglian River

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Two Waterfalls Welcoming Visitors is also named Suona Waterfalls (suona: a kind of Chinese music instrument with loud and clear sound) because visitors  always hear its noisy sound first before they can see it. Reunion Waterfalls gets its name because three waterfalls pass through woods and dykes, and then, like a family reunion, join under the cliff. Pearl-curtain Waterfall is just like a curtain interspersed with shining pearls. Stage On Water is in fact a flat slate slanting westward. Underground spring overflows out of the crannies, runs across the slate and finally falls into the swag. Over the slate covers projecting cliffs and around it circles the spring. All these would remind you of a stage on the water. Waterfalls of Matchmaker and Mandarin Duck is, of course, divided into the upper part, Matchmaker, and the lower part, Mandarin Duck. Watershade Long Corridor derives the name for the rocks under the waterfall have been airslaked and washed for a long time and thus become now a long arc-shaped corridor hiding in the watershade. Great Slideboard is like the water slideboard of the pleasure ground in big cities. Most visitors are willing to have a try on the “slideboard” because it is exciting and safe. Virgin Waterfall lies among vines, grass and trees, which make the waterfall even more elegant and graceful. Beau Waterfall, right opposite Virgin Waterfall, is situated among high cliffs so that the water seems to effuse from clouds. Then the Waterfall folds into three steps. First two steps go in the same direction with a fall of nearly one hundred meters. The third step turns towards Virgin Waterfall with a fall of more than forty meters, playing the role of a beau. The groups of waterfalls of Huanglian River have more than 40 various beautiful waterfalls distributing in the beauty spot which covers an area of 25 square kilometers. Here are also thousands of peaks and gullies competing with each other, and even limestone caverns like White Elephant Cave. The mountains, waters, forests, and caves make one integrated mass; ruggedness, elegance, strangeness and remoteness make this place a real wonder.

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set out from the county and walk up along the road circling the mountain for 5 kilometers and you will see the groups of waterfalls of Huanglian River which are already open to tourists.

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Recommended time for tour: half a day—one day

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