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Precious Mountain Surrounded in Green

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/9

Xie Wenqiao, a poet of late Qing Dynasty, composed a poem named Precious Mountain surrounded in Green which was all about the scenery of Round Precious Mountain in the southern suburbs 2 kilometers away from Zhaotong City. The poem gave a vivid description of the flourishing pines on the peaks, green wheat in the farmland, the courtyard planted with laurels, the booth cultivating orchids, and melodious tolls.

The Mountain is neither too high for you to reach the peak, nor too grand because you don’t have to walk even five miles if you walk around it. However, it boasts dense forests, warm sunshine, fertile farmland, peculiar folk-customs, and a long history, which make the Mountain a unique view of Zhaotong.

The temples here have changed a lot, so spice bazaars and temple fairs get more and more attention. Every early March of lunar calendar is Shangsi Festival, and also the birth date of Western Queen. At this time of year, millions of thousands of pilgrims from the neighbouring counties would swarm to the Round Precious Mountain and this would sure last for three days. Even young ladies bound to their boudoir by etiquettes could fully enjoy their freedom now and go along with others to play grass-fighting game in the woods on the Mountain. They could also pour out their worries before the juggernaut of Godfather Sanqing and pray for a good life. It becomes a unique view of Zhaotong folk-customs to play on Round Precious Mountain on March 3.

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taxi, five yuan

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Recommended time for the tour: three hours

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