Secret Place in Great Jokul

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Great Jokul belongs to the north branch of Wumeng Mountains and stretches like a dragon along the common border of the four counties: Wenxin and Yiliang of Yunnan,  Hongxian and Yunlian of Sichuan. The Jokul boasts hundreds of miles of forest sea which stretches till the horizon. The highest peak is situated in Weixin county with an altitude of 1777 meters and helmeted with accumulated snow that will not melt even in Mid-spring. When Summer comes, the snow disappears slowly, and a watery patch of green comes out from cloud and brume. That is why it is called Great Jokul.

Silk Chestnuts and Mountain Chestnuts which are unshaped outside but flesh and tender inside, Qiong Bamboo which is noble and green all the year round, are the real hosts of the forests on the Great Jokul. The hosts are gracious, graceful, and magnanimous, and thus provide a harmonious, free and happy fairyland for the various plants of different climatic zones and altitudes to coexist. Colorful flowers see the season changes in the Great Jokul. In Spring, there are orchid, Feb. flower, morning glory and camellia; in Summer, yulan, trumpet flower, sticky rice flower, bamboo shoot flower; in Autumn, Yeshang flower, Yexia flower and lily; In winter, winter orchid, camellia, plum blossom and snow lotus flower. If you enter the forests in April or May, you will find Davidia involucrata flowers in bloom. The pink anthotaxy goes well with rose pink leaves under the anthotaxies, which make a vivid peaceful pigeon; hundreds of blossoms are just like a covey of pigeons resting in the trees. Davidia involucrata are rare world-famous ornamental, so it is a wonder to see so many of them here.

Nine Lions and Eighteen Elephants are great works of time and nature. The highest peak of the Great Jokul stretches and gives two branches: Zhongnan Mountain and Pinnacle Mountain. Zhongnan Mountain goes winding and waving, giving nine fantastic peaks like nine lions standing upright and unafraid on the altiplano. Pinnacle Mountain has twisting branches, pushing up eighteen hills like eighteen elephants chasing after one another. A brook snakes between the two mountains and reminds you of an amorous girl falling in love with the lions and being enamoured of the elephants at the same time.

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Take the bus No.1, 3, 7 and get off at Great Jokul. This will cost you 1 yuan.

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Recommended time for tour: 3-4 hours

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