The Great Western Gorge Hot Spring Spa

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The Great Western Gorge Hot Spring, alongside Jinsha River of Shuifu County, is 32 kilometers away from Yibin City. It takes only one hour from Yibin City to the great western gorge hot spring. The Great Hot Spring boasts steep cliffs, green mountains and swift currents. It has been celebrated as a bright pearl in the tourist route of Sichuan, Yunnan and the southwest of China.

In 1978, the exploring team of Yunnan found a stream of fantastic spring water under the picturesque grand gorge at the depth of 2,380 meters. According to some international experts, the temperature of the hot spring is 85℃ with the daily water inflow of over 8,000 cubic meters, which ranks among the top of that of China. The hot spring with high quality is rich in a large number of minerals which are very beneficial to human health.

The Great Gorge Hot Spring Spa covers an area of more than 300 mu, which is the largest natural hypaethral spa in China up till the present moment. It can hold over 3,000 people simultaneously. There are all kinds of hot springs with a variety of qualities, including petal hot spring, drug hot spring, milk hot spring, wine hot spring and vinegar hot spring. In the hot spring spa, there are 400 berths, a dining hall which can hold 600 persons simultaneously, a Convention Center which can hold 500 persons, over 140 luxuriously and tastefully decorated private rooms and a national square which can hold thousands of people. Besides, a variety of facilities are established, such as Tennis Court, Badminton Court and Beach Soccer Court. The green area of the spa accounts for over 50% of the total. The Great Gorge Hot Spring Spa can be ranked as a tourist and ecological spa with available facilities, considerable size and peculiar charm in the west.

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