Baohua Mountain National Forest Park

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The Baohua Mountain is a famous peak of the Ningzhen Mountain Range. It rises at a height of 437.2 meters above sea level, which is only second to the Zijin Mountain and the crown of surrounding mountains. “It rises high above the Iron Urn Mountain, controls Jinling (present Nanjing) in the west, shoulders Juqu Mountain in the south and overlook the river in the north”, which has majestic verve and magnificent sceneries. Accompanied by numberless myths or fables, the Baohu Mountain has grandiose natural landscapes. There are ancient tree stretching up into the sky, gurgling spring, green shade trees and fresh air. In early morning, the cool air is permeated with light fragrance of green grass, which naturally registers a sense of long parted calmness. The clotted dews on the leave of a tree make his pride known publicly and the emerald leave gives vent to his feelings.

Apart from the tranquil natural landscapes, the human landscapes on the Baohua Mountain are also outstanding. The reason why the Baohua Mountain becomes the first famous mountain of Lu Sect is because of the Longchang Temple on the mountain. The Longchang Temple has a grand scale, dignified bearing and unique architectural style of antiquity. It is a prominent representative of the buildings of the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the largest Buddhist ordination field preserved in the country.  

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You may take a coach in the urban areas of Zhenjiang to Jurong County and then transfer to a tourist shuffle bus which goes directly to the Baohua Mountain.

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Recommended time for a visit:Half a day

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