Mao Mountain

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Brief introduction of the scenic spot:

Damao Peak is the main peak of the Maoshan Mountain. It is located south of the Jijin Peak with a height of 372.5 meters above sea level. Climbing to the top of the mountain, you will find the Taihu Lake with vast cloud water in the east and the Chishan Mountain shrouded in mist in the west. 

Er’mao Peak is located north of the Jijin Peak with a height of 301 meters above sea level. It was the peak where Mao Gu, True Lord Dinglu, assembled swans. In the third year of Yuanyan Period (1316), the Virtue Taoist Temple was built to offer special sacrifices to Lord Ermao. The worship halls of the Taoist temple have been destroyed. There are now merely four cornerstones of the pillars and bricks and tiles left at the site. .

Xiaomao Peak is located north of the Ermao Peak with a height of 267.9 above sea level. It was the peak where Mao Zhong, True Lord Sanguan Baoming, assembled swans. In the third year of Yuanyan Period (1316), the Humanity Taoist Temple was built to offer special sacrifices to Lord Sanmao. The worship halls of the Taoist temple have been destroyed and merely the site remains.

Baopu Peak is located northeast of the Damao Peak with a height of 288 meters. Ge Hong used to cultivate himself and refine alchemy here. There is the Baopu Buddhist Convent and Ge Hongdan Well, which still remained in the Ming Dynasty.

Five Clouds (Wuyun) Peak, which is located southeast of the Jijin Peak, is steep. Legend has it that the three Lord Mao once respectively rode a five-colored cloud and admire the eight sceneries of Rongshan Mountain on the top of the peak. There are always five-colored clouds appearing on the top of the post peak. Therefore, it is called “Five Clouds Peak”.

Xike Spring is among the jungle in the north of the Damao Peak. There are thick deposits around the spring, which flows out along the rock. When tourists come here, the beads roll in the spring like emerald ranges producing jade and also like a delighted spring when guests arrive, which is indeed a marvelous spectacle and attracts a large number of learners to admire and write down vivid poems.  

Jade Butterfly (Yudie) Spring is in the west of the Biaolun Peak on the Maoshan Mountain. It has two mouths of spring. One is cold and the other is hot. It is also called Yin Yang Well. Zhang Gui and Wang Zuoyuan, learners of the Yun Dynasty, left behind the poem titled “Jade Butterfly Spring”.  

Huayang Cave is located on the west side of the Tiger Hillock on the Maoshan Mountain.It is 300 meters away from the Yin Palace in the north. There is a carved stone with the three vigorous and powerful characters of Huayang Cave written by a learner left above the opening of the cave. It covers an area of 3.5 square meters. It is said the inscriptions were the handwriting of Su Dongpo, a famous litterateur in the Song Dynasty.

Immortal Grotto is beside the Huayang Cave. The grotto has the upper, middle and lower caves. In the lower cave, the designs of stalactites are interesting and vivid. Some are like crocodile stretching his head and looking out; some are like fierce tiger stretching its neck and unleashing a long cry; some are like python winding its way. There is a stone shade hanging upside down, suspended sleet and ice and stone waterfall looking as if just being about to rush down. There is also curved open ditch and undercurrent, Xiangshui Dam with rippling stream and natural stone bridge with wonderful craftwork excelling nature. Entering the middle cave with the aid of climbing tools, you will find there are four halls and one room. The top of the cave is densely covered with stalactites of graded lengths. The long one has a length of 1.4 meters. They have exotic designs. Some are like pavilions of a fairyland; some are like temples and Sea Islands. Large and small “statues of Buddha” have varied expressions. The images of Tang Seng, Sha Heshang, Kwan-yin and the Eight Immortals, etc, are vivid like the creation of Nature’s engineering, which are beyond praise.

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The traffic is very convenient. There are tourist special lines going directly to Maoshan Mountain at Zhenjiang railway station and the South Gate.

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Recommended time for a visit:One day Best time for traveling:The Maoshan Mountain Scenic Area has graceful sceneries with different views in four seasons. In spring there is fragrant grass as far as the eye can see; in summer there are green trees; in autumn, there is high sky and light clouds; in winter there are misty pines. Therefore, all the four seasons are suitable for traveling. Dining:There are a large number of restaurants in the scenic area. Therefore, you may savor the local Maoshan Duck and Maoshan Sweet-smelling Bamboo Shoots, etc. Shopping:You may buy organic and unpolluted Maoshan Tea and the Maoshan Jade after first light in the scenic area. Accommodation:The Maoshan Mountain Scenic Area has convenient accommodation. You may stay for the night not only in the hotel of the scenic area, but also in urban areas of Jurong City.

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