Nan Mountain

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Sightseeing routes:(Zhulin (Bamboo Forest) Temple)Lingong Spring,Yijiang Pavilion,(Zhaoyin Temple)Tingli Mountain House,Hupao Spring,Lupao Spring, Yurui Pavilion, Zenghua Pavilion, Studying Platform, Pearl Spring and Niaowai Pavilion.

Zhenjiang Southern Mountain Scenic Area is one of the seven largest scenic areas of Jiangsu. There are historic sites such as Zhaoyin Temple, the Studying Desk of Prince Zhaoming, Zeng Huakun Pavilion, Bamboo Forest Temple and Crane Woods Temple in the mountain, which set off against dark green pines and emerald cypresses and forms a pastoral flavor of mountain forests. The Southern Mountain is 2.5 kilometers south of the urban areas. It starts from the Zhenbao Road in the east to the Guantang Bridge in the south and begins from the Minor Jiuhua Mountain in the east to the Linyin Road in the north. The scenic area covers an area of 3.67 square kilometers and the nature reserve has a total area of 18 square kilometers. There are emerald mountains, luxuriant woods, elongate bamboos, deep mountains, graceful water, gushing spring and flowing stream. 

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You may take bus route 15 at the railway station to go directly there.

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Recommended time for a visit:One day

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