Wanshou Tower

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The Wanshan Tower rises from the elbow of the ancient canal and stretches up into the sky. Grand, exotic and stately, it stands loftily there. Therefore, it is also reputed as “Heavenly Tower”.  The Wanshan Tower is a brick-structured pavilion style tower with wooden eaves in Zhejiang and Jiangsu or whereabouts. It is a simple seven-storied building with eight corners. The tower is built all of bricks storey upon storey with wooden beam erection in each room. The upper floor is folded up storey upon storey in a curved course for tourists to climb up the tower and overlook the sceneries. The rooms of the tower are square. The interior walls of the upper and lower rooms intersect at an angle of 45 degrees and overlap in the shape of octagon. Each room has pot doors on four faces. The door has diaphragmatic surfaces, which intersect and set off against each other. Piled up with several layers of bricks, the eaves of the tower have wooden rafters stretching out below, and are supported by ridges and arches and hung with big bells, which fully reflects the architectural style of ancient towers in the Ming Dynasty.

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How to Get There?
After getting to Danyang by bus, you may transfer to a tourist bus to get to the Wanshan Tower. The tower is an indicative building of Danyang.

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The whole day

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Recommended time for a visit:Half a day

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