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Zhenjiang Food

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Zhenjiang Featured Food:

Braised Chub Head

It is a famous traditional dish of Zhenjiang. The flesh is scraped off a big fish to make a dish and the fish head is left as the ingredients. It is braised in chicken soup together with crab meat, ham, dried mushrooms, chicken, gizzard, liver and fresh bamboo shoots, etc. It has milky white color and thick broth. It tastes fat and tender. Therefore, there is folk proverb going around in Zhenjiang that “the head of a chub is the best part to be eaten; as for herring and duck, they are respectively the tail and thigh”, which is indeed reasonable.

Plain Stewed Crab Meat And Pork In The Shape Of Lion Head

It is also called chopped meat. It is a famous traditional dish of Zhenjiang. Since the dish is not dyed with soy sauce when being cooked, it is called plain stewed. Moreover, as it is large and round in appearance, it is exaggeratedly compared to a lion head. It excels in the way of using knife and in the control of the duration and degree of heat in cooking. It ought to be stewed in a casserole. Putting it on the table when it is hot and taking off the vegetable leaves, which cover the dish like emerald in soup, you will find the meat round like jade embedded in corals with permeating fragrance, which makes your mouth water.

Soup Dumpling With Crab Cream

Zhenjiang Soup Dumpling with Crab Cream is popularly called Crab Dumpling. It is a famous traditional snack of Zhenjiang. It is said to have a history of more than two hundred years. It not only enjoys a great fame along the Shanghai and Nanjing Line, but also wins a great reputation at home and abroad. It has thin skin, excessive soup, plentiful stuffing and delicious taste. If it is eaten together with Zhenjiang aromatic vinegar and ginger shreds, it will not only be tastier, but also can repel cold and relieve greasiness.

Braised Pork In Baihua Wine

Baihua Wine is a famous wine in Zhenjiang. It is sweet, fragrant, pure, thick and nutritious. Pork braised in this wine tastes very delicious. The dish selects the keel of bacon belly as main materials. It is golden in color, soft and fragrant with rich nutrition.

Plain Stewed Shad

The cooking of shad is unique. It is best to be steamed. The fish should be scaled when it is being taken rather than when it is being steamed. Because there is much fat attached to scales. If it is steamed with scales, the color will remain silvery white and the flesh will taste refreshing but not greasy. If it is eaten with ginger shreds and aromatic vinegar, it will taste more delicious. It is one of the eight delicacies in ancient times. Guo Moruo, a master of culture, gave high praise to Zhengjiang Stewed Shad with the sentence that “the flavor lingers in the mouth though the shad has gone”.