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Zhenjiang Shopping

Zhenjiang Local Products:

Zhenjiang Aromatic Vinegar

The Zhenjiang aromatic vinegar enjoys a great reputation at abroad. The “Jinshan” Brand aromatic vinegar, which wins fame at home and abroad, has a history of more than one hundred and thirty years. It is featured by “thick color, fragrant smell, sour taste, and pure quality”. “It is sour but not astringent, fragrant with slight sweetness, thick in color and fresh in taste.” It has won commendation home and abroad for many times. In 1908, it won the gold medal prize at the Panama International Competition. In 1909, it once again won a gold medal prize at the Southern Seas Industrial Association. The Zhenjiang aromatic vinegar is used for mixing cold meats and vegetable dishes, cooking fish and meat, and stewing chicken and duck. It may enhance the flavor, increase the fragrance, remove the smell of fish, relieve greasiness, stimulate the appetite and promote the production of body fluid. It is indeed a superb seasoning.

White Marble Screen

The screen selects high quality white marble and employs exquisite processing. First break the marble and grind them into jade pieces of all designs, and then paint them with all sorts of patterns and fit them into elaborately made wooden pedestals. The screen mostly takes landscapes, characters, beauties, flowers, birds, insects and fish as the subject matter. It has comely, classic and elegant pictures. It appears elegant and expansive in the hall. Hence, it is superior to other interior adornments

Xiaomo Sesame Oil

Xiaomo Sesame Oil, which won the golden medal prizes of the International Cuisine Association and the International Tourism and Sightseeing Committee in March, 1985, enjoys a great fame for its clearness and transparence as well as pure quality, beautiful color and permeating fragrance. It places great emphasis on material selection and craftwork. Sesame is ground with a traditional millstone and then goes through several procedures of rouging, rinsing, steaming, stir-frying, jordaning, depositing and sifting, etc. Therefore, it has headed first on the list for several times during the provincial sesame oil quality evaluation.

Zhenjiang Pickles

It is a famous local traditional specialty of Zhenjiang. Up to today, it has got a history of more than one hundred and thirty years. In 1930, the trademark of “Jinshan” was registered and used. In 1975, it was changed to Jinmei Brand. In 1980, it won the prize of High Quality Product of Jiangsu Province. Afterwards, it has again won prizes from many times. Zheniang pickles are noted for gorgeous color, strong fragrance, moderate sweetness, and crisp, tender and refreshing taste. It is good in quality and rich in variety. When taken with rice, it has another flavor.

Baihua Tribute Wine

The wine is temperate, mellow and strong. Featured by sourness, sweetness, bitterness, hotness, and pureness, it is a specialty of Zhenjiang. In 1909, it respectively won the diploma of high quality products and the gold medal prize at the Southern Seas Industrial Association and the Panama International Competition. During the period of Guangxu’s reign in the Qing Dynasty, it was sold in the capital and ranked as a “tribute” to the Emperor. Baihua Tribute Wine has dark yellow color, faint scent and fragrant taste. It is high in sugar content and low in alcohol content. Moreover, it has the effects of invigorating blood circulation, breeding Qi, warming stomach and relieving the cold. Therefore, it also become a nutriment for elderly people.

Jinshan Lamp Decoration

Zhenjiang lamp decoration long enjoys a great reputation. It is a traditional craftwork with a long history. The brothers Mei from a famous lamp decoration family of Zhenjiang sat at the feet of tradition and made innovation. Their decoration lamp won favorable comments for its exquisite design, beautiful appearance and magnificent decoration.

Wiping Waste Products

Generally silk is first processed into boiled silk, goes through the craftwork such as dyeing, xiatiao, pointing and adhibiting, and is finally made into all sorts of wiping waste produces. Zhenjiang has a history of several years in producing wiping waste. It has vivid and beautiful design, humorous and unique style, soft quality and elegant colors. It is not only a precious artistic article, but also a tourist remembrance with unique characteristics.

Computer Embroidery Products

Zhenjiang has a wide variety of computer embroidery products. The patterns include coquettish beauties, beautiful landscapes, lifelike birds and beasts and colorful exotic flowers and grass. It is elegant, beautiful and graceful.

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