Fufengwen Tower

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Fufengwen Tower, also named Mount Yandun, is located in the downtown area of Zhongshan City. It’s an octagonal pavilion-style tower of brick structures with 7 storeys on the mountain. Fufengwen Tower ranks as one of the top 10 scenic spots of Zhongshan City. Fufengwen Tower was built in 1608 during the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty with the history of over 380 years. The tower is 24.5 meters tall and it was originally a hollow tower before. However, during the renovation in 1952, the upper three storeys of the tower were transformed to be solid. At present, the first, second and third storesy of the tower are open to the public.

Inside the tower, there are stone steps leading to the top of the tower. Ascending the tower along the steps, while in the in the corridors of the tower, you will appreciate surrounding marvelous unique landscapes and have a panoramic view of the whole city. In the year 1983, Fufengwen Tower was renovated by people’s government of Shiqi town in Zhongshan County, and decorative lightings were added to the body of the tower. When the evening lights are lit, the tower looks more glorious and resplendent. In the year 1946, Mount Yandun where Fufengwen Tower is located was dedicated as Zhongshan Park in memory of Sun Yat-sen. The park is a beautiful mountain forest park towering ancient trees inside it. During the Double Ninth Festival every year, about 20,000 persons come here to ascend a height to enjoy a distant view.

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Bus No.1、38、39 to the zhongshan park

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24 hours

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