Sun Yat sen Memorial Hall

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Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall is located in Zhongshan’s Shiqi District. The hall is spread over an area of 30,000 sq km. Sun Yat Sen’s Chinese character sculpture overlooks the entire construction of the hall.

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Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall in Zhongshan is an impressive building that has been built in an octagonal shape. It is a symbolic construction in the city, has majestic appearance as well as rich national Chinese colors. It is also a very important location for large scale performances and meetings.

A Cultural Relic 

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall had been built for commemorating the contributions made by Sun Zhongshan who was the predecessor of the Chinese democracy revolution. The memorial construction had been donated for by the local people as well as overseas Chinese.
It is listed as a cultural first class relic of Guangdong Province. The building has been designed by Lu Yanzhi, a very well known Chinese architect. The construction of the building started in the year 1929. It was completed in 1931. The courtyard and its memorial hall together cover 62,000 sq m of area. 

The Statue 

Standing before this memorial hall is the erect Sun Zhongshan statue. There is one golden slab and on it are the Chinese characters that say “Tian Xia Wei Gong” which were written once by Sun Yat Sen above the memorial hall’s front door. The slab and the statue correspond and reflect each other to create a magnificent scene reminding people of the great man.

The Building 

In Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, the central of the octagonal pavilion is surrounded by four decorated double eaves located on each side. The entire construction is rich, solemn and majestic and it reflects the national culture. Inside the hall there are various straight and tall precious and ancient trees as well as cloud pillars with cranes on them. Red pillars with beautiful glue glazed tiles and yellow walls surround the hall and shine in the sunlight to showcase solemnity and resplendence.

Zhongshan Monument 

Behind the memorial hall is a Zhongshan Monument which is located on top of the Yuexiu Mountain. This monument is stately and remarkable and it seems to reach out to the sky. Inside the hall is an audience house which has a domed roof and without any supporting pillars for clear view. This is known to be an architectural wonder in the province. 

The Conference Room 

At the core of the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall is the modern, large conference room which is the main location for major activities and meetings. The room can seat 1480 people. It is equipped with a hoistable music stage as well as a revolving stage. The hall’s astounding feature are the ten kapok trees that are covered in blossoms during spring. The blossoms are crimson in color and symbolize the flowering and fiery revolutionary of his time. 
From a distance, the building looks like three hills. The one in the middle is higher than the others. From some locations the building looks like the shape of square. A line splits the building in half from the middle. The Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall also has various shops that sell handicrafts, stamps and souvenirs inside to visitors and tourists.

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Near Guangzhou Transaction Square, Shiqui District

How to Get There?

Visitors can reach the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall by taking bus number 293, 289, 284, 283, 276, 261, 229, 209, 204, 185, 133 or 27.

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Opening Hours:

08:00 to 18:00

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Recommended time for visit is 45 minutes.

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