Sunxi Pedestrian Shopping Street

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The Cultural Square of Sunxi Pedestrian Shopping Street is situated at the Damiao Road, and there are two fountains here on this square. On the wall under loft, is a huge fresco painted by a famous painter Zhongzhai Chen, on this fresco, you can find the past conditions of Zhongshan in the 20s and 30s. People in this fresco are very lifelike and match the street scenery so well.

Sunxi Pedestrian Shopping Street is an important manifestation of the Eurasia culture . This street was called Ying’en Street in the ancient times, after Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s death, this street was renamed as Sunwen Street. Western architecture style was introduced from the period of Republic of China, after that, the classic western architecture style was introduced. Nowadays, well-carved sculptures can be seen in this street.        

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