Twitters in Ziling Hill

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Zima Hill Park is situated in the south of the Forth Zhongshan Road of Zhongshan city. At this park, the nature beauty and human’s effort are well connected, so it is a big city park at where visitors can relax themselves quite comfortable.

Zima Hill is the former location of “lotus in heavenly pond”, which was one of the “eight sceneries of Xiangshan Mountain”. Air here is fresh and scenery here is also beautiful, the rich people in Ming and Qing Dynasty often ran their horses on this hill.

There are more than 20 scenery spots and one big section for birds in this park, and the Valley of Twitters is also here. When visitors walk in this garden, you will find many beautiful sceneries here, such as the Moya Garden, which is full of caved collections of poems and other books; The small garden is full of beautiful flowers and green trees which were planted by famous people. What is more, visitors can also taste the delicious litchi “emperor’s concubines’ smile” in the litchi garden. In the Wild Fun Garden, we can appreciate the beauty of hills and the red carps ;Peach blossom bloom in the Spring Garden; Boat are shuttling in the lake; And there is a statue of Godess of Mercy standing in the pond of lotus , in the Chinese fairy tales, she can save people from the endless misery.  Precious breed roses can be also found in the Rose Garden; In the Twitters Valley, birds always sing their songs happily; And there is also a barbecue field in this garden, people can taste barbecue which is toasted by their own hands……At last, we can step on the Lansheng Attic, at there, the whole Zhongshan city is totally in your eyes.

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Taking bus No.1, No.9, No.12 to Zima Hill Park stop.

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