Zhongshan Hot Spring

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Zhongshan Hot Spring takes an area of 2.2 million square meters. Evergreen trees and colorful flowers are here and there in this place. Looking at the villas and gardens and corridors here, the architecture style will remind you the Royal gardens’ magnificence. The well designed buildings and the nature beauty of Luo Sanmei Mountain form a harmonious picture, in this picture, we will find hidden garden behind a garden, and  hidden scenery in a scenery.  In this way, Zhognshan Hot Spring has become a good place for people traveling, relaxing and holding business talks.

Zhongshan Hot Spring Hotel is consisted of hotel, golf court and outdoor hot spring, covering 2.2 square kilometers in total, which was opened to public on Dec. 28th, 1980. It locates in the Yongmo village of Zhongshan city, 10 km from Mr. Sun Zhongshan’s former residence.

The traffic here is so convenient that it only takes you 30 minutes to downtown. Recently, huge investment was put into this project. In the year 2007, the five-star business garden was opened to public. Then in the year 2009, the Zhongshan Hot Spring Hotel was hailed “the International Leisure Hotel” based on its primary environment and profuse culture deposit. Here you could feel the scenery and flavor of Bali.

Zhongshan Hot Spring Hotel is backed on green mountains and facing to rurality. Through the whole year, the place always has blooming flowers and green grasses, which make the scenery as beautiful as painting. The traditional garden in south China is the essence of its architecture while the classic Chinese construction is its verve. You could feel “gardens in garden, sceneries in scenery” here. There are 10 main buildings and 15 villas containing about 300 rooms. Pleasant could be felt everywhere. Getting away from the noisy city and getting into this fairyland is a good choice for people who want to enjoy leisure or do business negotiations. The Zhongshan Hot Spring Hotel has plentiful supporting facilities on every aspect including accommodation, transportation, diet, entertainment, shopping and exhibition. What’s more, there are two international-standard golf courts greening your eyesight. The Xianmuyuan (Fairy Bathing Garden) makes the most of the modern hot spring’s specialties, where you could enjoy the water treatment, medicinal treatment and various other services. There are nearly 40 kinds of baths served in total.

After the beginning of China’s “Open and Reform” policy, the Zhongshan Hot Spring Hotel was the first joint-venture enterprise of tourism. Through the past 20 years, its “Green Garden with Hot Spring” gained lots of honorary titles, including “one of the top ten new sceneries in Guangdong province” and “one of the 16 top-class scenic spots of Guangdong”. On Dec. 28th, 2000, the Zhongshan Hot Spring Hotel was rated as a four-star hotel with high-level services and completed facilities. From then on, the hotel received several political leaders’ visiting including China’s state leaders Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zeming and Li Peng. Princes Sihanouk of Kampuchea and some other chiefs of states also come here to enjoy the hot springs.

The golf court here was the first high-standard golf court in China, which has two sub-courts called A’nuo Pangma and Jinigaosi. Backed on the mountain, the golf court has very rational distribution, where is an excellent place for sports and leisure. From its first opening, there have been over 20 international golf competitions hold here organized by the golf association which has been listed as one of the best golf associations in southeast Asia. The association club is a wooden house with flavor of southeast Asia. Restaurants, café, sauna rooms and golf equipment stores are set up here. 

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Yongmo Village, Sanxiang Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province.

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Buses No.11a and 11b are both available.

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The Entrance Ticket Price: 168yuan/person

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Enquiry Tel: 0760-6683888

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