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Shaxi seasoned steam pork

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/12/17

This is a famous local dish which all the restaurants and ordinary families can cook. To cook this Shaxi seasoned steam pork, you should pay more attention to the material choosing. The chose pork should not be too fat nor too lean, the “wuhuanan” could be a good choice. The most difficult step is “letting the lard out”, that is to say, after boiling the chose pork, the skin should be beaten heavily and dipped into water, by doing this, the lard is out. Then put some spices into the pork and steam it, until the fat become yellow and the skin and lean meat turn into brown, then cut it into slices and lay salted vegetables in it, then put this into a ceramic pot and steam for about one hour. This kind of Shaxi seasoned steam pork is rich flavored, taste tender, but never greasy, the skin of pork is especially delicious. People who were afraid of fat will feel surprise after trying.